Metallic Foils Clear and special effect foils are available – just ask. Silver Platinum Pewter Gold Brass Treasure Copper Bronze Apple Cranberry Blue Sapphire Teal Green Lime Non-Metallic Foils Non-Metallic colors will look different when used on dark stocks. White Black Blue Pine Red Burgundy Embossing Standard emboss is raised, one level ABOVE the surface of the paper. Emboss can be used in combination with foil stamping or printing for added impact. Best results are achieved with strong images, thick lines and bold type. See Important Information for recommended minimums. The example above shows Foil Plus One-Level Emboss. Type is set in Baskerville Bold, all caps; largest character 36 PT smaller 24 PT One-Level Blind Emboss Foil Plus One-Level Emboss Ink Plus One-Level Emboss