Complete Customization Stand apart from the ordinary...with our diverse line of custom folders and MORE packaging options. Custom Die Cutting Let your imagination run wild and we'll bend cutting and scoring rule around it! It’s easy to add that “WOW” factor by die cutting around parts of your artwork design on the front cover or pockets. Custom Die Cut Important Information ARTWORK Guidelines & Templates - We have an all digital workflow and work with all Mac and Mac compatible files . Create artwork using accepted programs: current versions of InDesign, Illustrator and PhotoShop . We cannot accept files created with: Microsoft Word, Publisher and PowerPoint. Artwork for catalog and custom items MUST be created on our FREE item templates . If supplying artwork as a .PDF, follow all art guidelines to avoid production delays . Download art guidelines & templates at Send all file elements being used – including printer & screen fonts and embedded graphics . When sending digital files via our web upload or email, all files MUST include your dealer information, purchase order number and job name. Incorrect files and files created without our item template may delay production and can incur prep charges . Charges for corrections, alterations and set-up will be billed at $180 .00 (P) per hr . Copy Errors - All submitted copy is reviewed before production . We pride ourselves on making every effort to ensure accuracy and that your expectations are met . However, we are not liable for errors in customer submitted files. ARTWORK / DIE STORAGE To assist our customers with reorders, we store all archived art files and dies (die cutting, foil, emboss, etc .) for 24 months. At that point, if we have not received a written request for return, materials are recycled without notice . NOTE: When working with a graphic designer, always ask them to provide you with a final file copy of your artwork . CHANGES / CANCELLATIONS Changes to orders in progress may require additional cost and/or time . Cancellation after work has begun requires payment for work performed (preflight, materials ordered or generated and re-stocking fees) . A minimum cancellation fee of $50 .00 (P) is applied once an order is entered into our system . COATINGS Aqueous - Water-based coating that seals the ink against smearing . Adds no durability to the product . If necessary, an overall aqueous coating (gloss, satin or matte) is applied FREE on print orders . If a coating finish is not specified, gloss will be used. Matte coating can alter the appearance of Our aqueous coatings are recyclable . print color . Aqueous Soft-Touch - A special effect matte aqueous coating that gives the product a soft or suede-like feel . Adds no durability to the product . It needs to be applied to a coated sheet and requires an additional 24 hrs . production dry time . When used on overall solid black (or dark PMS color), it has a tendency to show imperfections . Like any matte coating, it can alter the appearance of print color . See price tables or call for additional charge . Soft-Touch Aqueous coating can be recycled . Lamination - Bonds a strong, protective film of plastic to the sheet . Most durable of the available coatings . Available in gloss, matte or SoftTouch finish . Matte or Soft-Touch lamination can alter the appearance of print color . See price tables or call for additional charges . Plastic lamination is not recyclable . Spot Coatings - We have a wide range of spot coating options and applications to achieve a gloss/matte combination effect . Costs vary depending on material and if coating is applied in-line or off-line . Call for information and assistance . MAILERS: let us know your mailing requirements prior to production . A spot coating may be necessary if using inkjet . Multiple foils registered to Sculptured Emboss Custom Die Cut brilliant shine . Needs to be applied to a coated paper, such as our Semi-gloss White . Tends to fingerprint on large solid areas of dark ink (wipes away easily) . You cannot write or inkjet on UV coating . See price tables for additional charge . Our UV coating is 50% renewable with 30% soy content and can be recycled with other mixed waste . DAMAGED GOODS / CLAIMS In the case of cartons lost or damaged in transit, the liability is that of the carrier and not Admore® or ColorWorx®. Please mark the shipper “received damaged” . It is important to inspect all materials upon arrival . Cartons may be opened for inspection, but do not dispose of damaged merchandise or containers. A claim must be filed with the carrier within 10 days after receipt of merchandise . A digital photo is helpful in filing a claim with the carrier . Please contact your dealer immediately if you have received damaged merchandise . All other claims must be made within 30 days of delivery. EMBOSSING See price tables for size of emboss area included in price . Includes one area, single level raised . Copy is raised to the maximum lift allowed by the stock and your copy design . Copy needs to be 1/8" away from all sides or edges . Please call for an estimate when combining embossing with printing . Multi-level or sculptured effects are available . Emboss Artwork Note - Thick, bold copy is better . Recommended minimum type thickness is 2 pt . Increase point size/weight accordingly . Certain copy will not emboss well and is best avoided, including: serif/ thick-thin type styles, screens, fine lines and copy with intricate detail . Submit one color art in the size you want to appear on folder (consider maximizing the allowable square inches found in the price table) . Convert type to outlines and send vector ( .EPS) art . No RGB, .JPG, .GIF or web images . Embossing has no impact on a sheet's ability to be recycled . FOIL STAMPING See price tables for size of one foil area included in price . See inside back cover for standard foil colors . We can order custom and special effect foil colors . Nonmetallic and pearlized foils will look different when used on dark stocks . Please call for an estimate when combining foil stamping with printing . Foil Stamp Artwork Note - For most type styles, minimum point size is 8 pt . Increase size for serif/thick-thin type styles . To avoid loss of detail and plugging do not use ultra-light type styles, screens, thin lines and copy with intricate Submit one color art in the size detail and gaps no closer than 1 pt . you want to appear on folder (consider maximizing the allowable square inches found in the price table) . Convert type to outlines and send vector ( .EPS) art . No RGB, .JPG, .GIF or web images . Paper products selectively decorated with foil are recyclable (more information at fsea .com) . OVERRUNS OR UNDERRUNS Due to the number of production processes involved in the manufacture of your folder, it is not possible to determine the exact quantity we will complete . Please indicate your desired quantity using one of the following methods: Standard Trade Practice - Billed for the exact quantity shipped, not to exceed 10% over or under the quantity ordered . No Overs - Must be indicated on order . Order could run short by more than 10% . Billed for the exact quantity shipped . Exact Quantity - Add 10% to the price for the special handling involved . No additional handling fee is applied to digital print products or prepaid orders . No Unders - Your order may run over by more than 10% . Billed for the exact quantity shipped . Important Information Custom Design Templates Did you know we can provide a template for custom items? When you’re ready to begin the design phase of a custom project, let us know. We’ll help you make sure all the critical details will work and fit to the scores. Custom Die Cut Multi-Level Embossing Add dimension to your company logo with custom embossing. Use a sculptured effect to bring out realism in your image. How about adding a beveled edge to your type for some added emphasis? From single level raised emboss to chiseled deboss, we can handle all requests. Coating Effects You wouldn’t think of wearing the same old coat year after year. So, why choose the same flood gloss aqueous coating every time? Consider dressing up your next project with Soft-Touch coating, spot UV, spot lamination, Touch Me® UV (special effect 3D UV), strike-thru's and more. Custom Die Cut + Emboss Multi-Level Emboss Spot UV Coating + Emboss Special Stocks Custom stocks are available on request or choose from our complete line of standard paper stocks. Extra Features Add business card slots, brochure slits, disc slits, hubs & trays, inserts, stitched brochures or tab dividers to almost any folder, binder or packaging item. UV Coating - A HIGH GLOSS finish that seals the ink against smearing . Adds no durability to the product . Exposure to ultra-violet light cures the finish to a Template & art guidelines at 46 Complete Customization More information on pages 47 & 48 – Template & art guidelines at 47