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It's Easy Being Green.

We've updated our line-up of environmental logos and now it's easier than ever to trot them across the bottom of a pocket or add them to the back cover. You can choose from the list below and we'll add them to your art. Need some advice? Ask us to "add the appropriate environmental logos" to your folder and we'll choose the correct ones based on the specifics of your order and send a proof.

Logos will print in black ink or one of your PMS job colors. "Printed in the USA" logo will print in full color on all 4CP orders. It's a FREE service on printed orders.

Environmental Eco Logos
Recycled Paper Recycled Paper: This logo can be used on any paper that has recycled content. We will add the percentage of recycled fiber the paper contains to the center of the logo. See our stock book or color chart for the % of recycled fiber on standard stocks.
100% Post Consumer Recycled Paper 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper: This logo can only be used on paper with 100% post-consumer recycled content. It is the standard logo we use on our Eco-Brown Kraft, Eco Smooth White and Eco Smooth Ivory stocks.
Please Recycle Please Recycle Statement: Reminds the consumer to recycle and shows your support for the process. This logo can be added to any paper product that is suitable for recycling. Not recommended for use on folders with lamination.
Elemental Chlorine Free Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF): This logo can be used on paper bleached from the mill using no elemental chlorine.
Process Chlorine Free Process Chlorine Free (PCF): This logo can be used on paper bleached from the mill using no chlorine at all -- more eco-friendly than ECF.
Carbon Neutral Carbon Neutral (CN): This logo can be used on paper that was manufactured with no additional carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere.
Wind Power Wind Power: This logo can be used on paper that is manufactured with electricity generated from wind power or is matched/off-set with Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from Green-e certified wind power projects.
Responsible Forestry Practices Responsible Forestry Practices: This logo can be used on paper that is mill certfied for responsible/sustainable forestry practices.
Green PMS Ink Green PMS Ink Logo: Our PMS off-set inks (excludes metallic and fluorescent) are LOW VOC and contain 45% renewable vegetable content with a 13-18% soy content.
Green 4CP Ink Green 4CP Ink Logo: Our 4CP inks (excludes digital inks) are ZERO VOC (solvent free) with a 100% renewable vegetable soy base.
Printed in the USA Printed in the USA: Our folders/products are all printed and manufactured (die cut, foil stamped, glued, assembled) in USA.