Belly Band Folder Package

    38-52 Belly Band Folder Package

Our Belly Band Folder package is MORE than eco-nomical. It's eco-friendly!

Since the closure band and business card are manufactured out of the SAME sheet as the folder, waste is kept to a minimum:

• One press make-ready for three separate items saves energy
  and press chemicals.
• Maximum utilization of each sheet of paper means less scrap.
• Unglued pockets equal no adhesive residue in a landfill.
• Entire package is biodegradable (with Aqueous coatings).

To make your package even MORE eco-friendly:
• Choose a stock with a high post-consumer recycled content.
• Use Limited ink coverage of non-metallic inks (easier to recycle).
• Utilize paperless PDF proofs.
• Ask us to add the appropriate environmental logo to your project,
based on the specifics of your order. It's FREE on printed orders.


10% Post-Consumer Recycled 4CP Green Ink Carbon Neutral Wind Power Printed in the USA