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What Ring Size Do I Need?

Generally each 1/2" capacity holds approximately 100 sheets of standard copy paper (20# bond) for round ring binders.

How Do I Measure My Ring?

For a round ring mechanism, measure the inside diameter of the ring. For a D-ring mechanism, measure the straight portion of the ring. Many people measure the outside spine and pay way too much for a binder that is larger than they need!

What Does Sheet Size Mean?

Binder sizes are listed with the binding edge side first (the side with the holes). A standard sheet size binder is listed as 11" x 8 1/2" + 1/2" tab allowance. This leaves plenty of room on the side so that the index tab dividers do not protrude from the binder when closed.
Other sheet size examples: 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" + 1/2", 8 1/2" x 14" + 1/2" legal, and 11" x 17" + 1/2".

What is the Difference Between Round and D Rings?

Round rings are the most common choice and can mount on the spine or back cover. Rivets may be exposed (visible to the eye) or concealed, depending on the item.

Straight D and Angle D (sometimes called Slant D) rings hold approximately 20% more sheets than a comparable round ring. These rings allow sheets to lay flatter and turn more easily. This style ring is usually used on larger capacity binders.

Can I ship index tabs already inserted in the binder?

No. We do not assemble the tab dividers/inserts into the binder before shipping. It is best to package the dividers/inserts separately from the binders. The excess weight of the assembled piece can cause damage during transit. We can, for an additional charge, poly-bag the tab dividers and nest inside each binder.

Vinyl Binders

Sheets of vinyl are decorated and sealed over rigid chipboard. Common finishes on the vinyl are French Calf and Suedene. We also offer a higher end line of vinyls with leather finishes, patterns, and a variety of textures.

Digital 4CP Direct To Vinyl Binders

Sheets of vinyl (usually white) are digitally printed in 4CP and heat-sealed to chipboard. Competitively priced at low quantities with 2 week turn-around time.

Turned Edge Binders (Casemade)

Paper, cloth, linen, or simulated leather is wrapped around chipboard much like a book is made. We can use matching or contrasting liners per your selection. This is available as either a standard flat back binder or a rounded, multi-scored (Euro-hinge) spine binder. These can be upgraded by adding stitching, foam padding or brass corners.

Digital Print Turned Edge Binders

A low cost four color process option on quantities up to 2500. We digitally print your artwork on our standard 88# text stock, gloss laminate it and wrap it around chipboard. A white or black plain liner is applied to the inside. Other custom options are available.

Poly Binders

Polyethylene binders are made from a single sheet with scored hinges and are available in various gauges or thicknesses. These are sometimes called "flexible", or "plastic" binders.

Clearview Binders

These binders are open at the top to insert and remove your own sheets. Our stock clearview binder is available in white; other colors of vinyl can be manufactured.

Entrapment Binders

We print slipsheets, trim to size and encapsulate under a layer of clear vinyl on panels you want decorated. This is sealed on all sides to prevent your sheets from being removed.

Business Card Holders

These provide a place inside the binder for business cards. Depending on the item, holders are available in either 2-sided seal (sealed into the lower left corner of the inside front cover) or a 3-sided seal (centered 3/4" up from bottom on inside front cover).