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Gallery of Superb Printing

The Gallery of Superb Printing is held to recognize excellence in the printing industry.

This year's competition presented the best possible sampling of the talent and knowledge

of the Southeast Michigan Region's finest printing craftsmen.

Each entry is critiqued based on excellence and concentrates on quality of the production.

Entries are judged on registration, ink coverage, intensity of colors, dot structure,

quality of binding and finishing, overall visual appearance and overall difficulty of the printed piece.

In order to qualify for an award, a certain level of craftsmanship and criteria must be met in each category.

Admore® was the recipient of the awards as indicated below:

Admore® is the proud recipient of the Printing Excellence and Knowledge (PEAK) Awards

granted by Print Solutions magazine. The PEAK Awards honor the work of print professionals

who have met their customers' printing needs by providing outstanding value-added products

and services.

2012 ASI Counselor Spirit Award

Best Supplier Self-Promotion

"When does a marketing campaign work? When a recipient opens up a box or mailer and is immediately engaged.

It motivates the person to interact with the advertised brand - and ultimately to make a purchase.

The winners of our Best Promotions awards for 2012 certainly fulfill those goals."

2012 Premier Print Awards

Certificate of Merit

Admore is the proud recipient of two Certificate of Merit Premier Print Awards from the Printing Industries of America.

The Premier Print Award goes to those firms who demonstrate a unique ability to create visual masterpieces.

Chosen from thousands of entries, each represents the unique partnership between designer and printer,

need and creativity, technology and craft.

"The Gold Ink Awards are the Oscars of the printing industry."

The Gold Ink Awards is the industry's most prestigious print competition. A panel of distinguished

graphic arts professionals judge entries in nearly 50 categories over four days. All manufacturing variables

are considered - from technical difficulties, to the paper choice to the overall final impression. Admore's

"Quoth the Raven" Halloween promotion took home the GOLD award in the FOLDER CATEGORY.