Vinyl & Poly Products Sample Pack


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When your customers need the long-term durability and storage that poly, vinyl and turned edge products provide, look to Admore®. From paper to plastic, its one-stop shopping!

Applications Include:
• Record Keeping / Archiving
• Parts & Product Catalogs
• Education & Training
• Medical / Dental Charting
• Long Term Care Records
• Employee Records
• Mascot & Corporate Image

Popular Products Include:
• Poly Folders & Binders
• Vinyl Binders & Document Keepers
• Digital Print Binders
• Turned Edge Binders
• Entrapped Clearview Binders

Planning a sales call? Request our FREE targeted SAMPLE PACK as the first step of your sales plan. You'll find lots of ideas on who to sell to, popular product samples for the industry, potential vertical markets and MORE. Download our non-branded PDFSELL SHEET. Attach your business card and leave it with your customer or you can email it!


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